Corner - Credits

A little miracle, the apparment is not crowded out, there's an empty corner.

There we can put all the people that don't live here, but are present somehow ^^


Hawki (Hawkeye) ⇑ -The true admin of this site, which was made by him-
Yume ⇑ -chaotic but loveable musical group-
AB_the_diablo ⇑ -Fotograph-
Kanna (Hikari) ⇑ -Costumes-
Ronny (-takutokira-) ⇑ -Photograph-
Utena ⇑ -Cosplayer-
Si Ham Bui (firebirdxxx) ⇑ -Photograph-
Christoph (Sai) ⇑ -Photograph-
Allen Fotografen! -Fotographs-
Hyoko ⇑ -Decoration Queen-

We would like to thank Hyo for their assistance with our Cosplay accessories! Which made it for us so far, we will show shortly. You are genuinly skillful!! Further so! ^_~
Bea (sakura_b) ⇑ -Fotographer Bea took the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle photos-

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