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Hüterin des Seiryuu


A long story.



Laugh as often as you can! ^_~

Aoyagi Ritsuka - Standard Version


This is the "standard" Outfit of Ritsukas anime outfit.

Aoyagi Ritsuka - Mind Map


This is my second Ritsuka Outfit.

Aoyagi Ritsuka - Artwork


This is an artwork version.

Battlestar Sakura!


One of my favorite battlecostumes of Sakura-chan! ^.^~



This is my biggest cosplay I think. :p

Eternal Lightning!


Eternal means to have more power! :p

Choco Choco Rune!


It's great to be a witch! :p

Prinzessin Schneewittchen


Who doesn't know Snowwhite?

Gentelman in schooluniform


Seigaku Tensai




Please let my three wishes become true, Seiryuu!

For Mikage


Fight for your important thing.

Cat and Bunny


Nabi and Doki in love!^^

Retter der Prinzessin


The real one?

Kriegerin in dunkelblau


Want to be an angel!


Go Licole!



Hübsch, sexy und frech! :p


IQ über 200!






For Fanelia!


I need your strength, Escaflowne!

Fighter for Rohan!


One of Eowyns train-/fightoutfits~

Little Wonderland


Little nature girl.

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