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22.04.2009 - New Year - Let's start Cosplay again!

Hello and welcome in spring!

A new year is started and the first Cons stands!
We hope to be able to present you soon new costumes and Cosplayfotos. ^_~
In addition, there are thus little things to discover again and again. We try to update regularly! ^.^~
There are new links, new home-mades, or photo workings on!
In addition we are now on the main side always in new Jahreszeitenflair! ^^v Then let us hope for beautiful weather and for good photos!!!
And like always, if somewhat well pleases you, leave a small comment under the photo. That makes us very happy!

And naturally we become gladly acquainted with new faces! If you even have a Cosplayside and want to exchange links/banners: Simply announce! ^_~

♥ Nana & Hachiko ♥
(Yui & Kaaron)

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