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08.09.2009 - First Convention of the year! - Long ago~

Nice Greetings!

The first convention of this year is over. It's a long time since then. So we are late with our new update.^^;; But don't mind! You can take a look at shots every day, ne? ^_~ We wish you a great and funny time at your visit and we will hope that you make some comments!
So let's go to the "Bank and Table" (Shared galleries) and our "Bathroom" (Special Things)! There are new things! ^^v

♥ Nana & Hachiko ♥
(Yui & Kaaron)


2010-02-10 03:22:38 - Jenna

What is the news an Ai? is she at least getting better? will there be a chapter 85? or are they not sure yet? or are they planning on never making another episode? someone please tell me what is going on?

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